Volvo 9700 Volvo Bus UK

9700 - Volvo Bus UK

Short facts

Total weight:
18 tonnes (2 axle), 24.75 tonnes (3 axle)

D13C-420; D13C-460

420hp = 309Kw/2000Nm
460hp = 339Kw/2200Nm

Make an impression

With a modern exterior which is matched by an elegant interior featuring soft, gentle shapes and well-designed trim, the Volvo 9700 makes an impression.

New levels of safety

With a wealth of new safety features included as standard, the 9700 is the safest coach Volvo has ever produced:

  • Front Impact Protection (FIPS) through a reinforced front-end gives both the driver and guide protection in the event of a front-on collision
  • Front Underrun Protection (FUPS) prevents a car from becoming wedged under the coach in the event of a frontal collision
  • Knee Impact Protection (KIPS) increases protection for the driver's knees in the event of a front-end impact

The Sensation of Comfort

Comfort is the Volvo 9700, with electronically controlled air suspension, independent front suspension and an extremely rigid structure, making for a reassuring ride and perfect roadholding.

High Quality Entertainment

With Volvo Sound & Vision, we have set a new standard for AV facilities in the bus and coach industry.  Hi-Fi sound and razor-sharp flat-screen monitors make even the longest journeys into an enjoyable experience.

Increase your company's efficiency and profitability

Providing clear and accurate information, this system makes it easier for everyone involved in operations to make the right decisions.