B7R 1

Volvo B7R

Short facts

Total weight:
18 tonnes


290hp = 213Kw/1200Nm

Modern, powerful and fuel efficient

The Volvo D7E engine, is an in-line six-cylinder diesel with a displacement of 7.1 litres and it features a turbocharger and Intercooler.

With a combination of modern features such as fuel injection with common rail technology, the engine offers a very broad torque range as well as low fuel consumption and long service life. In combination with SCR exhaust filtration, the engine easily meets the Euro 4 standards.

Powerful brakes
The brakes on the B7R are of the same effective type as fitted to Volvo's larger buses. The brake area totals 6,865 cm² and they offer high safety, immense durability and long service life. ABS anti-locking brakes further enhance safety levels. Asbestos-free brake linings have long been fitted as standard on all Volvo buses.

A well adapted powertrain
The rest of the powertrain is adapted to enable the engine to provide as much power as possible. A ZF fully automatic 6-speed gearbox with integrated retarder is fitted as standard. This is matched with the optimum rear axle ratio to afford versatile driveline able to cope with a number of different driving conditions.

High degree of ride comfort
The Volvo B7R is fitted with air suspension, which effectively compensates for irregularities in the road surface and offers a high degree of ride comfort. Stabilisers are fitted as standard on both the front and rear axles, minimising the tendency to roll.