B7RLE - Volvo Bus UK

B7RLE - Volvo Bus UK

Short facts

Total weight:
18 tonnes


290hp = 213Kw/1200Nm

Modern, powerful and fuel efficient

The Volvo D7E engine, is an in-line six-cylinder diesel with a displacement of 7.1 litres and it features a turbocharger and Intercooler.

With a combination of modern features such as fuel injection with common rail technology, the engine offers a very broad torque range as well as low fuel consumption and long service life. In combination with SCR exhaust filtration, the engine has such low emissions that it meets the Euro 4 standards.

All-round air suspension and disc brakes are standard. There is a choice of two automatic transmissions.

A well-matched powertrain
The rest of the powertrain is tailored to extract as much power as possible from the engine. There is a choice of automatic transmissions with four or six speeds, offering smooth and relaxed progress. The rear axle has a choice of two ratios for best performance within each application area.