Volvo 7900H Hybrid bus

Better business for greener cities

The Volvo Parallel Hybrid has been proven in service in the UK, across Europe and in Latin America to deliver major fuel savings and to reduce emissions compared to conventional buses.

The main reason for this performance success is the complete integration of the engine and the hybrid systems, all of which are designed and manufactured by Volvo. The 7900H Single Deck Hybrid is a complete Volvo product and is our first complete bus to be offered in the UK.

7900H features

Save more than 30% on your fuel bills
The fuel savings will depend very much on the kind of operation but savings of 30% have been achieved by many operators in mixed traffic.
As our experience and that of operators has increased, so full savings have improved. The driver still plays a key role in delivering fuel savings and we undertake training with every new customer to highlight the special features and information available to the driver on the Volvo Hybrid. We are confidently expecting a further fuel improvement with the Euro 6 version.

CO2 reduction: 27 tonnes a year per bus – 12 g per passenger per mile
We estimate that operating one of our hybrids for a year will improve the operator’s carbon footprint to the tune of 27 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Typically that means 12 g less carbon dioxide per passenger mile so the more hybrids in the fleet, the better the result. This is useful to know in the debate about transport priorities in towns and cities in the future.

No 1 in uptime
Some still believe that hybrid buses are sensitive and less reliable than conventional buses. Well that’s yesterday’s news. The Volvo Hybrid has demonstrated top level availability and is backed with our usual warranty (“2+1” years, complete vehicle and driveline) with the added benefit of 5 years on the hybrid battery. We are taking risk off the table for the operator.

Air Quality Emissions also down
Particulates and NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) are very sensitive air quality emissions that are very much on the Agenda for many cities and towns across the UK. The Volvo Hybrid delivers significant benefits in this area, not least because of the pure electric pull away from bus stops. The improvements are expected to be even more significant at Euro 6. The reduction of CO2 matches the fuel saving.

Silent take off
Right from our first Hybrid delivered in the UK in 2009, Volvo has offered engine shut down when the battery state of charge is in the correct range. The Volvo 7900 can pull away silently from bus stops or traffic lights up to around 10 mph with the diesel engine shut off, before the diesel engine smoothly re-engages. This also reduces noise and improves passenger comfort, and means zero emissions too. In slow moving traffic, the careful driver can maintain electric mode for almost 1 km.

Electric doors
The doors of a bus are subject to very heavy use. Our new electrically-powered doors on the 7900H offer smooth operation and improved maintainability (and reduced services costs).  What’s more, the electric doors also contribute to even more fuel savings!

Much more than just city-centre operation
Another myth concerning hybrids is that they only save fuel in really dense city traffic. But in reality the savings are substantial in the suburbs too. Many of our customers confirm fuel savings of 25% or even more in environments where hybrids were not originally intended to operate. The Volvo 7900 Hybrid continues to exceed expectations.

7900H specification at a glance


 Volvo 7900H
 Length 12m
 Engine Volvo I-Sam parallel hybrid system with the Volvo D5K, 5 Litre Euro 6 with 160 Hp electric motor
 Power 160 Hp
 Brakes Electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS), Brake Blending Function
 Transmission 12 speed I-Shift automatic Transmission
 Body Options Volvo
 Capacity Up to 89, 34 seated and 55 standing