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Charging & Batteries Volvo 7900 Electric

Charging flexibility is key for efficient operational planning. Volvo offers battery charging technologies that allows you to combine and change your charging methods. The buses can also be equipped with different numbers of batteries to suit the individual operation, depending on passenger capacity needs and requested driving range between charging.

Charging flexibility

All routes are different. Distance, capacity need, climate and topography set the prerequisites. That’s why Volvo offers ultimate charging flexibility. Our range of electric buses are ready for quick high-power charging on route, as well as manually operated depot charging via CCS cable. This way you can optimise charging times and power needs and tailor charging patterns to suit your schedules and your fleet logistics.

Depot charging

A Volvo 7900 Electric can be manually charged using a CCS cable in the depot, during breaks, off-peak or at night. The buses come with a charging plug-in point at the front as standard but can also be equipped with a plug-in socket on the right side, front or rear, for added flexibility.

Pantograph – up or down

Flexibility and interoperability are cornerstones in efficient public transport operation. The Volvo 7900 Electric can be specified with a roof-mounted charging pantograph, instead of the OppCharge roof rails. Giving operators freedom of choice.

Street smart charging by Volvo

Secure e-performance with Volvo

Electric buses are different and call for special competence. With Volvo that’s always included. All our electric buses are monitored on-line. In combination with our unique Volvo-developed energy management system, we can offer the most favourable e-mobility service contracts on the market. One example is our Battery Contract, ensuring battery performance at a specified monthly cost. Another is our Electric Driveline Contract, including maintenance of everything from charging equipment to electric motors and transmission.

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