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Volvo 7900 S-Charge

Extended possibilities. Unlimited range.

The Volvo 7900 S-Charge is a smart and connected full-hybrid. It can run solely on electricity for many parts of the route, and it extends the benefits of electromobility to busy suburban operation outside the city centre. Available as both two-axle and articulated, the Volvo 7900 S-Charge adds completely new possibilities by being part-time electric – offering full-time service. The Volvo 7900 S-Charge will help the Zero City grow.


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Let the Zero city grow

At Volvo Buses we have a vision of the Zero City, where emissions, accidents, congestion and noise all vanish. We know that many cities share this vision. We also know that the Zero City is more than a day’s ride away. That’s why we provide solutions for all stages of that journey.

By definition, the Volvo 7900 S-Charge is an HEV, a Hybrid Electric Vehicle. It’s a self-charging electric bus, and it can run in pure electric mode as opposed to mild hybrids. It can arrive, idle and depart from bus stops silently and cleanly. And in defined zones it can run full-electric for up to a kilometre at speeds up to 50 km/h, all depending on local conditions.

Explore the possibilities of Zone Management

Self-charging and part-time electric

The Volvo 7900 S-Charge continuously recovers energy and charges the battery when braking and also when going downhill. Smart optimisation based on route analysis enables electric drive for up to 1 km and at speeds up to 50 km/h. A significant contribution to your city’s sustainability efforts.

No. 1 in uptime

The Volvo 7900 S-Charge’s uptime results are better than for any other hybrid bus – even on a par with the best diesel bus. Perhaps no surprise it’s top-ranked by demanding operators and PTAs in major cities. To date, more than 40 Volvo hybrid customers in more than 25 countries have millions and millions of kilometres of experience in commercial operation.

A quiet moment for your passengers

The Volvo 7900 S-Charge certainly stands out from the crowd, but it doesn’t make lot of noise about it. On the contrary, Volvo’s hybrid technology and a range of electrically powered features contribute to an extremely silent and comfortable experience both on-board, at the bus stop and for nearby residents.

Save fuel and the environment

The best way to reduce emissions is to save fuel – and that’s exactly what the Volvo 7900 S-Charge offers. Big-time. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 39%. If you include NOx and particulates, emissions are reduced by close to 50%. Furthermore, the Volvo 7900 S-Charge is certified for any mix up to 100% biofuel which reduces its carbon footprint even further.


Towards zero emissions

The Volvo 7900 S-Charge is self-charging and operates without charging infrastructure. That makes the Volvo 7900 S-Charge a perfect replacement for diesel, mild hybrids and gas buses, combining operating flexibility with benefits of partial electrification. The onboard intelligence optimises the self-charging capabilities to maximise efficiency and environmental performance. With our Zone Management services, we can tailor the bus behaviour to operating conditions of specific routes and extend the share of electric drive.

Carbon footprint in g/km of different drivelines for 12m buses in average city traffic

Extended passenger capacity

In the Volvo 7900 S-Charge Articulated, passenger capacity is increased to 154 passengers. That is the highest capacity of any hybrid vehicle available, taking fuel-efficient transport and productivity to a completely new level.


The smarter driveline

The Volvo I-Sam driveline features a 110 kW electric motor, a right-sized 5-litre Euro 6 diesel engine and Volvo I-Shift gearbox.

Electric doors

Electrically powered doors are not only swifter and more reliable, they also lower fuel consumption by up to 2%.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

VDS means effortless manoeuvring in roundabouts and cornering, and a relief for the driver’s neck and shoulders.

Best choice materials

The body structure and roof are made of aluminium, which is 90% recyclable. This concept reduces weight and lowers fuel consumption and emissions.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection System

The Volvo 7900 S-Charge can be equipped with our Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection System. It’s a warning system that alerts the driver when there is a risk of collision with unprotected road users in front of the bus.


The Volvo 7900 S-Charge is part of our holistic approach to sustainable transport solutions. Our partnerships with cities worldwide help create new ways of public transport.

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