Volvo Buses



VBOS Access

As from September you will see a new link in VBOS that will take you to Volvo Connect. Volvo Connect is the new Volvo Buses customer portal starting with offering the fleet management services. Graduality more and more VBOS services will be moved over to Volvo Connect and, in the end, VBOS will be closed and all services will be found in Volvo Connect instead.

You can from VBOS still access the old Fleet management portal for historical data.

1. The first time you click on Volvo Connect from VBOS, please select “Forgot your password”.

2. Type in your mail address and click on “Send Request”.

3. An email will be sent to your mailbox. Follow the instructions in the mail to create a new password. You can choose the same password as for the login to VBOS or another one.

4. Your login credentials will be remembered if you add the password to the browser and simplify your next login from VBOS. If you don’t add the password to the browser, please remember your specific password for Volvo Connect.