Body options Volvo B11R

B11R Sunsundegui SC7

Body specification Sunsundegui SC7
Body construction Underframe front and rear modules in 3CR12 stainless steel. Remainder in ST44.2 carbon steel. Side and rear hatches in aluminium.
Driver’s seat Fully adjustable Isringhausen 6860/875 NTS with air suspension, three-point seat belt and arm rests.
Courier seat Esteban Guia I with three-point seat belt with armrests.
Passenger seats 55 reclining Kiel Avance 1000 seats with three-point seat belts, two position footrests, magazine net, cup holder and leather headrest inserts.
Luggage capacity 10 m3 approx (not including internal luggage racks).
Glazing Laminated windscreen with Optikool treatment, bonded and extra tinted, heat proof double glazed side and rear windows.
Air conditioning Sutrak Eberspacher AC353 Gen 4 Type 1 with 24kW cooling capacity and 38kW heating capacity.
Audio/Visual Actia ACT500 radio, DVD + ACT501 DVD player with MP4/MP3/DIVX player and USB port, 22” LCD front fixed monitor with 3M filter and 19” mid mounted TFT flat screen and driver and courier microphones.
Additional features Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels, reversing camera, refrigerator, driver and courier safe, demountable centre freshwater washroom with smoke sensor and hand dryer, integral camera above continental exit linked to driver’s screen, carpets to full saloon, driver’s front and centre exit steps, curtains to side windows, hot water boiler, double glazed peage entrance door and heated driver’s electronic window, dual and independent motorised driver’s and courier front windscreen blinds.

B11R Jonckheere JHV2

Body specification Jonckheere JHV2, SHV 134 or 140
Body construction Stainless steel structure and paneling with aluminium side lockers and polyester rear locker.
Driver’s seat Fully adjustable Isringhausen 6860/875 with armrests, three-point belt, air suspension and integrated microphone.
Courier seat Fainsa GALA with three-point belt with armrests.
Passenger seats 53 reclining Fainsa Brava seats with three-point seat belts, leather headrest inserts, cupholders and footrests.
Glazing Bonded tinted double glazing, side and rear.
Air conditioning Roof Mounted Thermo King Athenia S805 with X340 compressor and separate outlet for driver.
Audio/Visual Bosch Professional Line DVD Radio & CD player, Bosch 19” front and middle flat screen LCD monitors. Driver’s microphone incorporated into seat and courier microphone into dashboard.
Additional features Full draw side curtains, Shades centre sunken demountable freshwater toilet, hot drinks machine, dash mounted 60 litre fridge, lockable storage compartments, heated and electrically  operated exterior mirrors, electric full height driver’s window, peage window to front entrance door and saloon fully carpeted throughout. Alcoa Dura- Bright alloy wheels, motorized driver’s blind to front windscreen. Integrated reversing camera, Front and Rear LED Headlights.


Body specification MCV
Body construction Stainless steel frame and body from GRP and stainless steel.
Driver’s seat Pneumatic ISRI driver seat 6860/875 NTS fitted with three-point seatbelt, headrest, hands free microphone, lumbar support, two arm rests. Haptic warning system integrated with on board driver support system, pneumatic suspension.
Courier seat Fitted with three-point seatbelt, access to courier microphone, USB charging point, cup holder and foot recess.
Passenger seats 53/55 reclining BRUSA passenger seats covered with cloth and leather, fitted with three-point seatbelt, headrest equipped with two hand grabs, footrest, magazine net, serving table with integrated cup holder. Two USB charging points located between seats.
Luggage capacity Approx. 9.0m³ passenger luggage. Manual operated luggage doors, parallel opening with separate drivers luggage compartment.
Glazing Double glazed side tinted windows, laminated one piece windscreen, heated glass to driver’s window.
Air conditioning Sutrak, AC353 G4 II, roof mounted air conditioning with 32kW maximum cooling. Passenger convection heating.
Audio/Visual Bosch Infotainment Gen 2017 system with radio, amplifier, 13+1 speakers and two microphones, two 19” LED flat screens, one mounted at the front and one mounted mid saloon top of toilet area.
Additional features Electrically operated wing style rear view mirror, triple front lights combined with daytime running lights, interior LED lighting. Centre sunken fresh water toilet, equipped with hand drier, smoke detector, and toilet roll holder and washbasin. Hot water boiler with cup dispenser/holder and litter bin and integrated fridge. Reversing camera and saloon view camera system with integrated 7” monitor. Auxiliary parking heater as standard.


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