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Reliable vehicle data is crucial for maintaining efficiency and uptime. Volvo provides extensive possibilities to share data with your existing bus fleet management software – as well as the systems you are developing. The wide range of possibilities available through Volvo fleet management connectivity are true benefits for operators, PTAs and third-party system suppliers.

Fleet management connectivity with endless integration possibilities

In a bus or coach operation you are likely to find several digital tools and applications which can benefit from accurate and timely vehicle data. Volvo Connect has an API as well as a developer’s portal to simplify integration with other systems, based on each customer’s need. Volvo strongly supports integration and third-party development of new functions and services.

Real-time and historical data

The need for information is diverse. Reports and statistics are essential to follow trends and see the effects of changes. You will also want to set triggers to get notifications on certain events and when critical values are reached. For your integration purposes we provide both, through Volvo Connect and our fleet management connectivity.


Volvo fleet management connectivity and ITxPT

Volvo supports the idea that hardware and software must be designed so that modules can be integrated in a coherent architecture. That’s why Volvo has engaged in the ITxPT initiative, where we are a founding member. The non-profit association ITxPT enables an open architecture, data accessibility and interoperability between IT systems. The members of ITxPT develop the IT architecture for public transport and other mobility services together, based on standards and best practices.

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