Request Support Alert

Instant security support

Sometimes unexpected things happen. In such a situation your driver may require urgent assistance. The Request Support Alert is an alarm function designed to give an immediate and discreet signal to traffic control.

In case of emergency

When something extraordinary happens, the driver can send a clear and unmistakeable request for assistance. Having this service installed is an extra level of security for drivers and passengers, and a source of reassurance for the owner who will be immediately notified if a vehicles security is compromised. The request is sent to your office, but can also be forwarded to a third party, a security partner or even the police. 


Request Support Alert is a service integrated in the Fleet Management system, and it is operated via a special button in the driver’s station. When the button is pressed, information about location, time and date, and vehicle speed is sent to the Fleet Management central. This allows you to track the vehicle and assess the actions needed for assistance.

System requirements

Request Support Alert requires installation of a telematics gateway and the standard communications hardware in the vehicle. The dedicated button and its harness must be installed, and the Events service in Fleet Management must be active.

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