Aiming for the Zero City

At Volvo Buses we have a vision of the Zero City, where emissions, accidents, congestion and noise vanish. We know that many cities share this vision. We also know that the Zero City is more than a day’s ride away. That’s why we provide solutions for all stages of that journey.

Towards Zero with Volvo Buses

Looking ahead, the future seems full of challenges. At Volvo, we focus on the opportunities. Because we believe we can make a difference in society, here and now. We do it by helping cities transform into Zero Cites, thereby improving quality of life for the citizens.

We do it with e-mobility solutions, high-efficiency e-buses and services. Developed and configured together with each individual city. And we move steadily towards Zero Emissions, Zero Accidents, Zero Noise and Zero Congestion. Just imagine what this could mean for you and your city.

Carbon footprint – Well-to-wheel performance

All over the world CO2  emissions are a major issue. Volvo’s full-hybrid self-charging technology is a perfect solution on the journey towards zero. Compared to mild hybrids, Volvo’s S-Charge model not only saves a lot more fuel, it can also run in electric mode for set distances. This makes it possible to not only reduce emissions but also to create bus stops and zones where the buses run silently and cleanly in electric mode. The Volvo B5L S-Charge, our self-charging electric bus, is one of the cleanest vehicles you can find. Sometimes cleaner than a grid-charged BEV. For a city fleet, this means thousands of tonnes reduction of CO2 compared to diesels, mild hybrids, and sometimes even electric buses.   

The chart shows the carbon footprint of the most common drivelines. Calculation based on UITP Annex IV model, for 12 m bus in average city traffic, 25°C average temperature, 18 km/h commercial speed and a grid footprint of 490 g/kWh CO2 .

Carbon footprint in g/km of different drivelines for 12m buses in average city traffic

Improving people's everyday life

We have the capabilities needed to reduce emissions, noise, congestion and accidents, and hence improve people’s everyday life. Swift and convenient commuting, improved public health and safer traffic are benefits all within reach.

Zero emission zones

The Volvo B5L S-Charge offers the possibility of electric drive in defined zones. At bus stops, but also in other areas, such as depots or sensitive places in the city. With Volvo’s Zone Management you can define Zero-Emission Zones where the Volvo B5L S-Charge will shut off the diesel engine and run in electric mode. It is also possible to define zones for sustained self-charging, to ensure emission-free operation in an upcoming zero zone. These extended capabilities are subject to local conditions and a route analysis performed jointly by Volvo and the operator.

Safety zones – Towards zero accidents

Volvo Zone Management lets you create defined areas where a firm speed limit is set for the bus. Using GPS coordinates and connectivity, we create an automatic service whereby the bus simply cannot exceed the speed you have set within such a zone. The system can be used to help comply with the city’s speed regulations and also to set a lower speed where you want to take extra care.

The urban challenge sets an exciting scene for the future of mobility

A best-selling seft-charging driveline

Volvo hybrid technology takes environmental efficiency to the next level. It’s the most fuel-efficient and reliable hybrid solution on the market, delivering impressive fuel savings, reduced emissions and now further enhanced for operation in warm climates. The Volvo hybrid driveline is a clean power package. The diesel engine’s 240 hp is boosted by an additional 110 kW of pure electric power.

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