Volvo 9500 features

Features of Volvo 9500

Generous interior
A Volvo coach interior is airy, bright and offers generous amounts of space. The seats are all new, of our own original design and will keep your passengers comfortable all the way. They are also lighter and will contribute to your fuel economy. Several options are available for increased passenger comfort.

 Efficient ergonomics
Volvo ergonomics is in a class of its own, with clear and logical layout of instruments and controls. Seat and steering wheel are widely adjustable which together with a low noise level, helps the driver stay focused and alert. The well-proven 9-litre engine and Volvo I-Shift offer supreme driveability and fuel economy.


Driving pleasure
Volvo’s knowledge in vehicle technology does not only give ride comfort for passengers and driver. It also means excellence when it comes to safety. A consistent behaviour on the road is the first prerequisite for a safe ride. The all-round view is excellent and the powerful lighting provides very good visibility around the clock.

A safer investment
All areas of the bodywork are thoroughly safety tested. Together with our renowned safety systems like Front Impact Protection, Knee Impact Protection and Front Underrun Protection, the Volvo 9500 is a safe investment. Not only financially but for the driver, guide, passengers and other vehicles as well.

It will simply run, run and run

The focus of the Volvo 9500 is life-cycle productivity. The all new 8-litre Euro 6 engine gives outstanding fuel economy. Add to that genuine Volvo reliability and trouble-free maintenance. The 12-speed Volvo I-Shift transmission helps optimise the use of power under all driving conditions, and the driveline has an outstanding track record of reliability. 

Long service life
A Volvo is built to last. The service in­tervals are long due to the durability of the mechanical design. For example, the rear axle does not need attention until after 400,000 km on the road.


Solid structure
The feeling of quality is apparent in a Volvo coach. One of the reasons is the strength and stability of the frame and the body structure. This reduces noise, vibrations and harshness – providing quiet and steady ride comfort.


Trouble-free maintenance
Productivity is further enhanced by the long service intervals and trouble-free maintenance. And choosing a service contract will give you complete control of running cost, and assurance that only Genuine Volvo Parts are used – and fitted by experts.