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Volvo 8900 Electric

Volvo 8900 Electric is a low-entry electric transit bus for safe, sustainable and reliable electric urban transport operation in city, commuter and intercity applications. It’s built on a common Volvo Group architecture for traction, energy storage and advanced driver assistance systems.

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Volvo 8900 Electric at a glance

Volvo 8900 Electric is an efficient and reliable electric transit bus. Low-entry, two- or three-axle versions and a modular energy storage.


Length12.3 m or 14.9 m
Permitted GVW20,600 kg (12.3 m) or 27,000 kg (14.9 m)
Power output200 kW or 400 kW
Battery capacityUp to 450 kWh (12.3 m) or 540 kWh (14.9 m)



Volvo Electric – no. 1 in uptime

Volvo Buses has been at the forefront of e-mobility for more than a decade. Genuine understanding of people transportation combined with a solid technology platform result in unparalleled uptime and outstanding efficiency.

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Guaranteed capacity for your route

The range of an electric bus depends on several factors. Together with the operator, we analyze the energy need for each route, and guarantee that the needed energy capacity will be available throughout the contract period.

Learn about our Usable energy commitment

An electric bus for any city and intercity operations

Your passengers have the right to expect both convenience and comfort. In a Volvo 8900 Electric they will appreciate the smooth ride, the comfortable Volvo-designed seats, and for longer journeys, there are practical details such as the generous luggage racks and optional service sets with individual reading lamps.   

Designed for energy efficiency

Commuter and intercity routes can differ greatly. This is why we have designed a modular energy storage. Fewer batteries mean more passengers, better economy and less dead weight.


Charging and batteries

In Volvo Safety

Featuring the third generation of Volvo active safety systems, Volvo 8900 Electric offers world-class driver assistance. In addition, the well-tested structures at the front and on the sides give protection of driver and passengers.

Safety technologies in Volvo 8900 Electric

Driver comfort re-defined

A re-designed driver’s environment makes the Volvo 8900 Electric a perfect workplace. All controls are in the right place and the dynamic instrument cluster gives concise information and reduces distractions.

Explore the comfort of Volvo 8900 Electric

Active safety like no other

Volvo has a safety vision of zero accidents with Volvo products. This means that we continuously develop and implement safety functions, often years before there is a legal requirement.

All inclusive – Volvo Turnkey

Defined passenger capacity at a specified cost per kilometer – that’s the essence of Volvo Turnkey solutions.

Go electric with Volvo – why and how

Volvo offers complete e-mobility solutions, developed and configured in close cooperation with each city.

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