Volvo 9500 specifications

Specifications Volvo 9500

Passenger environment
Spacious and safe with high level of comfort including an automatic ventila­tion system. New seats of original Volvo design. The equipment alterna­tives are numerous, and includes three-point seat belts and booster cushions for children.

Colour-adjusted interior
Volvo’s specially designed interior colour lines, with matching ceilings, walls and seats


Climate control system
Totally automatic air conditioning with roof-mounted heaters and separate climate control for the driver’s area

Driver’s area
Spacious, effectively sound insulated and ergonomically designed with well-placed controls, instruments that are easy to read and an adjustable steering wheel. Instrument panel with light-absorbing anti-glare surface.

- Height: 3.60 m
- Width: 2.55 m
- Length: 12.3 m and 13 m

Luggage capacity
Up to 10 m3

Passenger capacity
- Up to 53 seats (12.3 m)
- Up to 59 seats (13 m)


Gross vehicle weight
Maximum gross weight is 19,000 kg

Volvo D8K Euro 6, with 320 hp/1200 Nm or 350 hp/1400 Nm


Volvo I-Shift, 12-speed electronically controlled transmission system


Rear axle
Volvo single reduction axle with alter­native ratios, for optimised performance


Electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling function. Rigid front axle


Volvo’s electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Volvo Engine Brake (VEB)


Front and rear door opening outwards and to the rear 

Equipment may vary from one country to another. We retain the right to alter product specifications without prior notification.