Volvo Bus

Volvo Buses – Driving Quality of Life

Volvo Buses entered the Indian market in 2001, with a world-class air-conditioned intercity coach based on a true bus chassis and rear engine. The introduction of Volvo Buses was the catalyst that infused a whole new range of technology and level of comfort that set the benchmark in the bus industry. Today there are over 4,000 Volvo buses connecting the cities and towns of India.

In 2008, Volvo Buses set up a complete plant in India at Hosakote near Bangalore. The plant is built on Volvo’s global practices and quality standards and adopts the best practices from similar Volvo plants across the world making it a complete bus manufacturing facility. The facility offers a wide range of buses with superior body components, anti-corrosion treatment, refined interiors and dust-free paint finishing process. The products are supported by the complete bus package from Volvo Buses – which includes Driver Training, Service & Parts Support, Volvo Service Agreements, Volvo Advisory, Volvo Telematics and advanced diagnostic features.
Quality a core value, is a way of life at Volvo. It is embedded everywhere, in our planning, our design, our processes, our machines, our commitment and in every step we take. As part of the bigger picture Volvo Production Systems here seamlessly integrate with the Volvo Global team.

It had to be Volvo Buses with 10 years of experience in high-performing buses to bring about solutions that will not only increase the current standards in the industry, but also open up new segments. Together, each of our solutions works towards a common objective – Driving Quality of Life.