Volvo 8400

Volvo 8400 – A Motivation to Travel

The bus is increasingly becoming a tool to support a city’s development over the long term. A modern city bus is a now a key hardware to make public transport more attractive - so that people switch over from personal vehicles to buses and help growing cities tackle key issues affecting them - congestion, fuel costs, environmental impact and safety on the road.

The Volvo 8400 city bus combines the most advanced technology, design, features and safety for efficient and eco-friendly city road transportation. A robust and dependable construction promotes high operating reliability, while the low-entry helps swift passenger thorough-flow. The light weight chassis also makes it possible to carry more passengers. These properties make the Volvo 8400 low-entry a truly advanced alternative to meet the needs of growing and congested cities.
For passengers and driver alike, the Volvo 8400 is both comfortable and safe. The low-entry at the front and in the middle, means it is easy to get on and off, even for passengers with impaired mobility. The bus is easy to drive and offers excellent road holding and like all Volvo buses it has a high safety level, further boosted by powerful disc brakes on all wheels, roll stabilizers and a redesigned suspension system. The rear suspension is entirely new and contributes to a more comfortable ride and more secure road holding.

Volvo City Buses have re-defined how cities view a bus, how citizens see public transport, and is right now active across various cities across India - helping establish sustainable and efficient city mobility. Today in many cities such as Bangalore, Volvo city buses are helping convert thousands of private car users to move to public modes of transport.