Rear Engine - modern powerful and fuel-efficient

The engine in the Volvo B7R, the Volvo D7, is a modern 7-litre, six-cylinder diesel engine with a turbocharger and an intercooler.  The engine delivers 290 hp, with a maximum torque of 1200 Nm.  The engine meets Euro III Emission Standards.   

Hydraulic retarder
The hydraulic retarder provides a good complement to normal braking, which considerably reduces wear on the brake pads.  The hydraulic retarder, mounted on the gearbox output is a standard fitment on Volvo B7R.

Powerful disc brakes
Volvo B7R has highly efficient electronic braking system with EBS5added to compact design with ventilated discs for better cooling.  The braking system ensures high safety, immense durability and longer service life. ABS anti-locking brakes are available as an option to further enhance safety levels. Asbestos-free brake pads have long been fitted as standard on all Volvo buses.

High performance gearbox
Volvo B7R has a manual gearbox, the ZF 6S 1380BD, with 6 forward and 1 reverse speed, which are fully synchronised - ensuring easy operations.  Gearbox is lighter due to aluminium housing on Volvo B7R.

A well adapted powertrain
The rest of the powertrain is adapted to enable the engine to provide as much power as possible.

High degree of ride comfort
The Volvo B7R is fitted with air suspension, which effectively compensates for irregularities in the road surface and offers a high degree of ride comfort. Stabilizers are fitted as standard on both the front and rear, minimizing the tendency to roll over.  With a 5.94 m wheelbase, the B7R has a small turning radius of 9.25 meters. Tubeless tyres fitted on B7R ensures higher mileage, good road grip, wet-rolling resistance, better braking, stable driving and longer tyre life. 

Floor-based large luggage space
B7R has ample luggage space located on the floor level, it offers easy access to load and unload baggage of all the bus passengers.

Integral bus body design
Volvo B7R body is designed as per our global standards and profiled for Indian drive conditions to accomplish maximum comforts to the passenger which comprises of tubular structures; aerodynamic body shape with ergonomic and noiseless interiors; comfortable reclining seats.