Volvo Buses


New password policy

Volvo will implement a new password policy that will take effect from July 13, 2024. The new policy aims to enhance the security and protection of data.

The main changes in the new password policy are:

  •  The minimum password length will be increased from 8 to 14 characters.
  • The password must not be a password used the last 24 times.
  • The password change frequency will be reduced from every 180 days to every 365 days.
  • The password must not contain any personal or easily guessable information, such as user ID, display name, words related to Volvo and its business, or common dictionary words.
  • The password must match 3 out of 4 character rules: 

        o   Contain at least one upper case letter

        o   Contain at least one lower case letter

        o   Contain at least one number

        o   Contain at least one symbol (~!@#$%^*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"<>,.?/&)