Volvo Bus Promotions

Volvo Bus UK are offering a range of highly competitive priced parts for their coach models, B10M, B12B/M and also 9700. In addition to this there is a new range of annual service kits for the B7R, B9R, B10M, B11R, B12B/M, B13R and the 9700 models, offering discounts of over 57% off current retail prices on some models. When you choose Genuine Volvo Parts you are getting premium and trusted components at a reassuringly competitive price.
At Volvo we provide you with warranty cover which really makes the difference. Genuine Volvo Parts come with 12 months warranty as standard and when fitted by your local Volvo workshop we double that warranty to a massive 24 months** on parts and labour.
Furthermore this covers roadside recovery*** and any consequential damage. Volvo Trained Technicians and their expertise gives you the peace of mind that you are entrusting your vehicle’s safety and uptime to the very best.
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Clutches - Fitted-Price from £647.98 plus Vat
 Clutch  Part price from  £469.37
 Clutch Servo  Part price from  £135.38

Ensure longer service life resulting in less downtime.

Braking - Brake Compressor, Fitted-Price from £609.73
 Air Dryer  Part price from  £195.00
 Spring Brakes  Part price from  £129.50
 Slack Adjusters  Part price from  £85.00
 Air Brake Valves  Part price from   £23.20
 Brake Drum  Part price from  £118.00
 Compressor  Part price from   £456.95

Brakes are the single most important safety system on your vehicle. Fitting quality components you can rely on is critical to driver safety.
Cooling - Coolant Pump, Fitted-Price from £311.46 plus Vat
 Coolant Pump  Part price from  £229.90
 Exchange Radiator  Part price from  £330.00

Effective cooling is essential to ensure your engine operates at its optimum running temperature. This reduces engine wear and gives maximum performance and fuel economy.

Steering & Suspension - Fitted-Price on application
 Ball Joints  Part price from  £26.90
 Link Rods  Part price from  £175.00
 Air Bag  Part price from   £41.70
 Shock Absorber  Part price from  £69.50 

Optimise safety through Fitting Genuine Volvo steering components.
9700 Parts

         Headlamps    Part price from         £575.00
         Tail Lamps    Part price from         £129.00
         Mirrors    Part price from         £75.00

Contact your local Volvo dealer for a full list of 9700 promotional parts.

Terms & Conditions: Offers valid from 1st July 2013 to 31st January 2014. †Prices exclude VAT.  For further information, terms and conditions – please refer to the Volvo Fitted-Price catalogue at or contact your local Volvo Truck and Bus Dealer.

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