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Volvo Buses Global Electromobility VP shares noise pollution expertise during Stagecoach visit

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One of the Volvo Group’s leading advocates of green technologies, Vice President of Electromobility Business Development at Volvo Buses, Marie Carlsson, visited Stagecoach East’s Cambridgeshire depot to emphasise the benefits of electromobility for public health.
Volvo BZL Double Deck at Stagecoach Cambridge Launch
Volvo BZL Double Deck at Stagecoach Cambridge Launch

It’s after Volvo Buses partnered with Stagecoach East earlier this year to electrify the Cambridge Park and Ride network by supplying 30 Volvo BZL Electric double-deckers. The zero-tailpipe emission buses were the first of their kind to be delivered into a UK customer’s – now award-winning – fleet.


Marie was well received after sharing a scientific study initiated by ElectriCity in collaboration with Volvo Buses, the City of Gothenburg, Västtrafik, and Gothenburg University. It focused on the impact of electric buses on noise levels, noise disturbance, and public health.

Pictured: l-r Marie Carlsson, Vice President of Electromobility Business Development at Volvo Buses, Niklas Emlind Vahul, Electromobility Director at Volvo Buses, Darren Roe, Managing Director of Stagecoach East)

The findings revealed a remarkable reduction in noise levels by five to seven decibels, resulting in an up to 50 per cent decrease in noise. Survey participants also reported improved sleep quality during the night and people living along the route said they saw an improvement in their general health.


Marie said: “Electromobility isn't just about a cleaner future; it's also about a quieter one. Electric buses offer a resounding solution to the noise pollution that plagues our cities.


“With their silent operation, electric buses provide a pathway to more peaceful streets, making significant strides in reducing noise pollution, improving the overall urban environment, and promoting a quieter and more pleasant atmosphere for residents and commuters.


“When cities choose electric buses, they're not just making an eco-conscious choice; they're creating a soundscape where 'quiet' and 'clean' go hand in hand.”


Darren Roe, Managing Director of Stagecoach East, said: “We were very pleased to welcome Marie at the depot, along with her colleagues Niklas Emlind Vahul and Phil Fletcher. It is a point of great pride to us that we are partnered with Volvo Buses to run our electric buses in Cambridge and the surrounding area. Our engineers and the engineers from Volvo have been able to work closely together to improve the service for our passengers.


“We often think of pollution in terms of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases, and clearly electric buses are an important way of combatting such problems, but noise pollution is another part of the puzzle and we need to work on it where we can do so in a safe and responsible way.”



13 December 2023


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