Genuine Volvo Exchange Parts - Guarantee quality and rliability by fitting the real thing.

Just as good as new

Volvo Exchange Parts use Volvo Genuine Parts. Remanufactured to their original condition and offered at a great price, an exchange part carries the same warranty as a brand new part.

Special Promotional Price - DH10A245/285 Exchange P/No 8112998 £14,420 saving 30% off current retail price

A complete range
Volvo has one of the widest ranges of exchange units on the market. From there you will find everything from air compressors, control units, engines, gearboxes and turbochargers to clutch kits and tachographs.
All engines supplied and fitted by a Volvo dealer come with a 3 year fitted parts warranty.*

For more information on our promotional parts and pricing please call your local Volvo Dealer.

Annual Service Kits - Buy one Annual Service kit, get 25% off the second. Ask your local dealer for a Volvo Fitted-Price

 Model  Price
 B7R  Part price from -   £243.96
 B9R  Part price from -   £251.12
 B10M  Part price from -   £196.20
 B11R  Part price from -   £218.11
 B12B/M  Part price from -   £229.56
 B13R  Part price from -   £194.69

Regular servicing of your vehicle is the most effective way of making sure it stays in the best possible condition. So when conducting your next service, why not buy your complete service kit from your local Volvo dealer.

9700 Parts
Contact your local Volvo dealer for a full list of 9700 promotional parts.
 Part  Price
 Headlamps  Part price from -   £575.00
 Tail Lamps  Part price from -   £129.00
 Mirrors  Part price from -   £75.00

Air Braking Valves
 Part No.  Part  Price
 9515443  Hand Brake Valve  £73.60
 70313310  Footbrake Valve  £395.25
 3173824  Protecting Valve  £45.00
 3197588  Protecting Valve  £130.00
 9520836  Solenoid Valve  £120.00

Exchange Clutches
 Part No.  Part Price from
 85000010  £469.37
 85000277  £497.25
 85000287  £515.00
 8112193  £650.00
Ensure longer service life resulting in less downtime
Exchange Spring Brakes
 Part No.  Part Price from
 3177336  £168.25
 3177337  £168.56
 70330019  £59.90
 85000842  £129.50
 20499852  £189.50
Extended trouble free life for all bus and coach applications.

Exchange Slack Adjusters
 Part No.  Part Price from
 1195461  £85.00
 1195462  £85.00
 1196321  £85.00
 1197965  £95.00
Reduces maintenance costs and extends service intervals.

Offers valid from 1st April 2014 to 31st July 2014. * For limited period only and subject to availability. Participating dealers only, please refer to Volvo bus site for full range of service exchange and factory renovated engines. †Prices exclude VAT. For further information, terms and conditions, please contact your local Volvo Truck and Bus Dealer.