Volvo Hybrid Bus and Coach Range

Euro 6 - not just an engine change, but a new product range

At Volvo Bus we like to work in close partnership with our customers and the new range has been designed to meet not just legislative emission demands, but very specifically the varying needs of operators and passengers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Far from simply updating the engine, Volvo Bus has embraced the chance to refine our products further, looking ahead to the future, beyond Euro 6. We are therefore pleased to also introduce a number of exciting new vehicle improvements, which all combine to make our vehicles even greater business assets.

At Volvo Bus we understand that the impending changes within the industry can give rise to worries about operational issues and this is why we have decided to remove any concerns by offering new, inclusive care packages with our new Euro 6 buses and coaches. We are confident that our new range will bring wide-spread benefits, not just for the environment, but for passengers as well as for your own bottom line.
Volvo has always been an advocate for sustainable passenger transport. That said, we also understand that in addition to providing safe and environmentally friendly travel for passengers, operators are also under pressure to deliver business results.

At Volvo we see no contradiction between environmental concern and profitability. On the contrary. That is why we lead the way when it comes to intelligent solutions that give you environmental performance and benefits with a business upside. We call it Green Efficiency, and that is what you get with every Volvo vehicle.

Part of the solution is our new Euro 6 engines, where we apply a broader approach than just focusing on an innovative after-treatment solution for exhaust emissions. The new engines are also lighter and more efficient, which reduces fuel consumption and consequently emissions, as well as AdBlue usage. For us at Volvo, this is right-sizing. Getting the power you need, while saving fuel and reducing the impact on the environment, ultimately helping you reduce your costs and improve your business.