Annual service kits

Regular servicing of your vehicle is the most effective way of making sure it stays in the best possible condition.

As well as all the required filters, the kit contains a variety of parts including:-
- Alternator charge regulator
- Drive belts
- Gaskets
- Washers

(Not every kit will have all of the above included, only those where it is required)

So when conducting your next service, why not buy your complete service kit from your local Volvo dealer. Contact them for a complete list of parts included in the kits.

Ask your Local dealer today for Volvo Fitted-Price.
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         B7R    Part price from         £243.96
         B9R    Part price from         £251.12
         B10M    Part price from         £196.20
         B11R    Part price from         £218.11
         B12BM    Part price from         £229.56
         B13R    Part price from         £194.69