Technical Information

All necessary changes are performed including:

  • Electric re-coding
  • Adjustments (the electrical system)

and all parts are disassembled and cleaned.

The cylinder heads have:

  • New valve guides
  • Copper sleeves
  • New liners
  • Sealing rings

from Volvo Genuine Parts suppliers.

FR engines are tested for:

  • Torque
  • Power
  • Smoke

The cylinder head, water pump, oil pump and turbo are remanufactured along with the cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft, rocker arm, injectors and small end con rod if required.

Transmission gear is changed if there are visible faults. Liners, pistons, fuel pipes, gaskets, bearings, wear and tear and safety parts are changed to new components. Lastly, a comprehensive function check is carried out.

The parts warranty for FR engines is 12 months or 155,000 miles. FR engines are handled within the common warranty system as all other Volvo Genuine Parts.

An extended warranty for 2 years or 200,000 miles is available for engines fitted by Volvo Authorised Dealer personnel. Labour warranty is 12 months.

Target vehicles include the B6, B10M, the Olympian and the B7 double-decker. The lead time from FR engine order to delivery is about 1 week, depending on geographical location. FR engines cover the 18 most common engines.