Volvo Bus B8RLE

For optimal intercity operations

The Volvo B8RLE will meet any need in intercity and commuter operations. Highly versatile through a wide range of variants, yet firmly focused on reducing operating costs.  The extremely fuel-efficient Euro 6 engine will keep your operational costs down, while Volvo’s high quality ensures superior functionality, passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity.

B8RLE features

Save up to 10% of your fuel cost
Fuel cost is crucial! The Volvo B8RLE features a new 8-litre Euro 6 engine, taking on the world-class fuel-efficiency position of its 7-litre predecessor. However, what matters just as much is how the vehicle is driven. That’s why we continuously develop services that increase overall efficiency.

Maximum uptime
We know every minute and every mile counts. That is why the Volvo B8RLE and our services are designed to give you maximum uptime. Proven Volvo technology and extremely durable mechanical design ensure reliability and a long service life. Add services such as Service contracts and you can count on what matters: uptime 24/7.

Excellent Handling and Braking
When it comes to preventative safety the road behaviour of the B8RLE is a real asset. Consistent and predictable it helps the driver stay in control, just like in every other Volvo. EBS-controlled disc brakes and the engine brake are well-known Volvo safety components. For top-of-the-line safety a retarder is standard, as is our Electronic Stability Program.

The Perfect Workplace
The driving experience in a Volvo B8RLE is special. The precise steering and smooth gear changes combined with the engine torque make the drivers working day a lot easier. The secret lies in chassis stability and consistent behaviour. The functional design of the B8RLE chassis naturally extends to the drivers environment. The new instrument cluster is designed to display only relevant information, minimising distraction and helping the driver stay focused and alert.

Safety – Part of Volvo’s DNA
Every Volvo coach has crucial safety features built-in. The electronically controlled brakes and stability program, the brake blending, powerful lighting and the superior driveability are highly appreciated by the drivers. Should something unexpected happen several structural features offer protection – front underrun protects other road users, front impact protection especially protects the driver (along with Knee Impact protection)

B8RLE specification at a glance


Volvo B8RLE
Length 11.8M
Engine Volvo D8K, 8 Litre Euro 6
Power 280 Hp
Brakes Electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS), Brake Blending Function
Transmission ZF Ecolife Automatic Gearbox
Body Options Wrightbus and MCV