Volvo Buses


Software Release Notes in Assets

In accordance with UN Regulation 156, it is a requirement to display software release notes for all customers within the EU. The release notes will be visible if an ECU has been updated/refreshed from November 1st, 2023. If release notes prior to week 47 2023 are available, they might also be displayed.

This feature is released globally in Volvo Connect. No services are required to see the release notes, though access to Volvo connect is required to be able to see them.

Software release notes in Volvo Connect 

The release notes are shown in the Assets tool in Volvo Connect. To view the software release notes, go to the Assets tool, select a vehicle, and click Vehicle Details.

Note: If an ECU is updated several times, identical release notes will be displayed. 

Figure 1: Vehicle Details tab in the Assets tool.

Services and Entertainment Module Release notes 

Services and Entertainment Module Release notes will always display the latest available version, even if the vehicle still has an older version. The Services and Entertainment Module Release notes are not unique per vehicle.


Note: Currently, due to known limitations, the Services and Entertainment Module Release notes are also displayed in Volvo Connect for vehicles that lack a SEM. 

Figure 2: Services and Entertainment Module Release notes under Vehicle Details.

ECU Release notes 

The ECU release notes are split between Current and Pending in Volvo Connect.


Current refers to what is installed in the vehicle. The release notes use the same content for workshops and customers, and they are generated on the specific vehicle. Currently it will display all software updates performed from November 1st, 2023, and reported as successful by either Tech Tool or Features Online.


Pending release notes are displayed when a software update is stored in the vehicle and are ready to be programmed. 

Figure 3: ECU release notes under Vehicle Details.