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Volvo B8L Double Decker

Made to just keep running

In the world’s busiest cities, double decker buses are a vital part of the bloodstream. People trust the bus network to take them to work,  in and out of the city centre and back home at night. And that's exactly what the Volvo B8L double decker does. Day in, day out. It has been developed uniquely in cooperation with leading operators. A new design from a proven source makes it a safer choice.

A light-weight champion for the busy city

The Volvo B8L is the result of a no-compromise engineering philosophy. A more powerful engine, higher torque and up to 600 kg less in chassis weight, makes take-off and hill-climbing virtually effortless. The Volvo B8L is ready for the pulse and the beat of city life.

It's pure Volvo performance

Increased power, lower weight, more torque, tighter turning circle and enhanced departure angle are just a few of the performance improvements of the Volvo B8L. It features an efficient driveline layout, without angle drive, which notably reduces fuel consumption and interior noise.

Keep uptime up

Legendary Volvo reliability, service-friendly layout and trouble-free maintenance will keep your vehicles on the road. Specify your Volvo B8L with our online Fleet Management service allowing your vehicle to provide real-time reports on position and driver performance. We’re by your side all the way.

Put your drivers in control

The Volvo B8L is simply great to drive with improved take-off and hill-climbing performance. The well-balanced chassis comes with features like Electronic Braking System (EBS), integrated Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Blending, Hill Start Aid, Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

Volvo B8L Double Decker

Made to just keep running


Staying cool

The Volvo B8L features an all-new engine installation which reduces both the heat dissipation into the cabin – and the interior noise. Your passengers will surely notice.

More power – less fuel

The Euro 6 Volvo D8K is a mere miracle, delivering 40 hp more than its predecessor, yet with a substantially lower fuel consumption. That's efficiency the Volvo way.

In Volvo safety

Safety is deep in Volvo’s DNA. Your drivers and passengers will benefit from the vehicle’s predictable and consistent road behaviour and its range of safety features.



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