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Volvo B8R

Made to just keep running

The Volvo B8R delivers the very essence of our offer to demanding customers: superior functionality, passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity. Reliable, fuel-efficient and Volvo’s renowned safety built in. Whether it’s a hard-working commuter or a comfortable coach it’s powered by the spirit and soul of Volvo.

True versatility

The Volvo B8R will meet any need in commuter, transit and short- to medium-haul coach operations. Two or three-axle versions and a selection of automatic transmissions, including the outstanding Volvo I-Shift. Add to that, a flat-top framework designed for efficient, high-quality bodywork. It’s easy to create your perfect Volvo.

World-leading fuel efficiency

The powerful 8-litre engine retains Volvo’s world-class fuel-efficiency position. In addition, we offer a range of services that reduce fuel consumption even further. For example the connectivity-based Fleet Management, giving you full control of every vehicle’s performance.

Improved driver performance

The driver’s environment is one of the best available, with world-class ergonomics. Not to mention the driveline’s elasticity and power resources. And if you specify the unique Volvo Dynamic Steering, your drivers will benefit from increased cruising stability and fantastic maneuverability in tight environments.

Keep your customers satisfied

Going by bus should be a pleasure and with the Volvo B8R it really is. Every day, all the year round. A relaxing journey is vital for your passengers, and Volvo’s well-balanced chassis provides for just that. What's more, its proven reliability ensures that your passengers arrive at their destination on time and in Volvo safety.


Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering is the biggest breakthrough in driving comfort since the power steering was invented. Perfect stability makes for an even smoother ride – and a lot less strain on your drivers’ neck and shoulders.

True uptime

A Service Contract and a Parts Supply Contract will keep your Volvo B8R coach up and running like new for many, many years.

Pure power

The 8-litre Euro 6 engine is not only one of the cleanest. It’s also powerful and very efficient. And with our services offering you can save up to 10% of your fuel costs.


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