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At Volvo Buses, sustainability is more than zero tail-pipe emissions. Every day, we focus on the details that help us reach our ambitious climate targets and always consider how we can reduce our climate impact, take better care of the world’s resources, and conduct business in a responsible way. In development, when sourcing, at our production facilities and when handed over to our customers. This is how we deliver complete sustainable public transport solutions.

In the product development phase

Every bus and coach, chassis and component we make is developed with care to be better for our planet and humanity in the long run. We apply a circular development process that improves our product’s sustainability profile – over 90% of our latest bus chassis can be recycled.

Our sustainability targets are to reduce emissions from our own operations by 50%, and reduce our vehicle’s emissions by 40% per km – all by 2030. This work  begins at the development phase by carefully considering the materials, technologies and business models involved.

When sourcing our material

Sustainable thinking can be found throughout our supply chain. Our aim is to produce sustainable buses free from substances of concern, while respecting environment and human rights. One of our main tools to achieve this is our Supply Partner Code of Conduct. This outlines the high standards of environmental practices, human rights and health and safety that we expect from our suppliers. We also run a thorough Sustainable Minerals Program which focuses on the sustainable sourcing of tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold and cobalt.

During production

We continuously reduce waste and emissions, optimize water use, and improve our handling of solvents, oils and chemicals.

Our chassis factory in Borås, Sweden, is one of the first bus plants in the world that is 100% powered by renewable energy – with district heating from biofuels and on-site vehicles running on HVO and fossil-free hydroelectricity. We’ve also reduced the factory’s overall energy consumption by 15%.

Sales, use and after-market

As part of Volvo Group, we have a responsible sales process that limits the ability of bad actors to use our vehicles for harm, and have made a pledge to produce only products that run on fossil-free fuels by 2040. Sustainable public transport is important to us, which is why we are championing electricity over fossil fuels to provide immediate and long-term positive effects on the environment, and on people’s quality of life. We have delivered hybrid and electric buses around the world since 2015, while our work with Safety Zone technology improves safety in areas close to schools and public parks.


Care and respect for people and nature are fundamental to us. This is why Volvo Buses has a strong reputation for social responsibility and ethical behavior. Like an artist, we take great care and put a lot of thought into our work, creatively producing sustainable materials, products, systems and processes. Our Sustainability Masterpieces will tell you the story of different sustainable details from our production cycle.

Sustainability at Volvo Group

Volvo Group’s ambition is to offer solutions that are 100% safe, 100% fossil-free and 100% more productive. Volvo Group has set the target to become a carbon-neutral company by 2040, and in partnership with the Science Based Target initiative, we have created a set of goals to progress against.

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