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Revolutionizing bus travel: Victory Liner introduces luxurious Volvo B8R royal class buses to its fleet

Victory Liner, one of Manila's leading bus operators with a fleet of over 1200 buses, has reached a significant milestone in its fleet upgrade with the delivery of 10 state-of-the-art Volvo B8R buses, bodied by THACO Group (Vietnam).

In celebration of its 78th anniversary, Victory Liner has unveiled the Royal Class Sleeper Bus Line, a groundbreaking addition to the history of travel in Luzon. Marivic del Pilar, the president of Victory Liner, shared the inspiration behind this remarkable venture, stating, "We introduce our Royal Class bus line, designed to make a grand comeback from the pandemic. With travelers becoming more selective, we asked them about their dream road trips and created the perfect solution – the Royal Class edition.”

The Royal Class features the best-in-class Volvo B8R coaches, equipped with the latest Volvo D8C Euro 5 engine (330hp) for optimal performance. Each bus offers 28 passenger suites and one crew bed, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious journey for all on board.


Its cutting-edge safety features, including Volvo's Electronic Stability Program (ESP), set the Royal Class apart. This advanced technology proactively prevents skidding and loss of control by constantly monitoring vehicle speed, steering angles, and wheel speeds. In the event of instability, the ESP automatically applies brakes to specific wheels and adjusts engine power, ensuring the driver maintains control and guarantees paramount safety on every journey.

With Victory Liner's Royal Class, trips from Manila going to Baguio, Tabuk and Tuguegarao become effortless and unforgettable. Embark on long journeys and disembark feeling rejuvenated and pampered. The Royal Class truly stands in a class of its own, offering a remarkable travel experience that combines luxury, comfort, and utmost safety.

Robbie Torres, President of Autodelta, Volvo Buses' local distributor in the Philippines, expressed his pride in the partnership with Victory Liner, stating, "Continuing our close collaboration with Victory Liner to build up on their innovation and the remarkable evolution to Philippine transportation for past 78 years. We’ve been able to problem-solve together and show Victory Liner that we’re in it for the long term – from conception to whole lifecycle – my team have been on the ground to work through this sleeper bus project with the Victory Liner and Volvo Buses. It's another excellent example of what true business partnership means to us here at Autodelta."

Our APAC North Director, Emmanuel Jupet shared that “The Philippines holds a special place in Volvo Buses' heart, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service, building strong relationships, and contributing to the growth and prosperity of this beautiful country. We are proud to be a part of the Philippine automotive industry together with Autodelta and look forward to collaborating with our customers and partners to achieve new milestones together.”

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