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  • Spare parts represent a fair share of the maintenance cost for bus and coach owners. And spare part prices can vary considerably. Why should you buy original spare parts when there are alternatives at much lower cost? Our parts expert Roland Henriksson sorts things out and explains how price and cost are two very different things.

  • Volvo Buses Asia Pacific recently held a momentous 3-day Quality and Technical Conference (QTC) from July 10th to July 12th, 2023. This conference marked a significant milestone as it had been three years since the last QTC before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event took place at the esteemed Volvo Buses Malaysia office in Shah Alam, attracting over 20 participants from various markets including Sweden, Latin America and the entire APAC region.

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    Happy Anniversary I-Shift!

    We're celebrating 20 years of I-Shift! This innovative gear changing system from Volvo features in around 50,000 buses worldwide. Today I-Shift still sets the industry standard for automated transmissions and continues to offer improved safety, comfort and efficiency for our customers

  • Volvo Buses is expanding its electromobility offer worldwide. With the launch of the new Volvo BZL Electric chassis, Volvo Buses provides a solid platform for sustainable and efficient public transport in cities around the world, along with reliable and profitable operations for customers.

  • Five new Volvo B8RLE’s, have been converted as mobile vaccination clinics servicing the transportation workers in Parañaque city, The Philippines.

  • Anna Westerberg has been appointed as President Volvo Buses and new member of Volvo Group Management.

  • The new Volvo self-charging buses with hybrid power, the “S-Charge” model range have been upgraded with new capabilities and can now drive silently and emission-free on electricity at higher speeds and cover longer distances than before. This creates new possibilities to use self-charging hybrid-electric powered buses in city zero-emission zones and other sensitive areas.

  • First of two Volvo Electric buses will soon begin trials at the NTU Smart Campus before being extended to public roads.

  • Volvo Buses, represented by Autodelta Coach Builders, now has its very own dealership including showroom, workshop and parts facility in the Philippines. The new dealership, which is strategically placed close by to common terminals for city and provincial buses, will be the first of its kind in the Philippines and will welcome customers from across the country.

  • Volvo Buses has now launched its latest chassis powered by the 8-litre Volvo engine in the Philippines. The Volvo B8R replaces the top-selling Volvo B7R, which saw global sales exceeding 40,000 units in 65 countries. Improved horsepower, low fuel consumption, longer oil-change intervals and built in safety features are some of the customer benefits that characterise the new chassis models.

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