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Busworld Kortrijk 2013: Electromobility the future for Volvo Buses

The interest is growing in energy-efficient vehicles that are able to operate completely or partly on electricity. At Busworld Kortrijk, one of the news from Volvo is the articulated version of the company’s successful hybrid bus.

Lower energy consumption, lower environmental impact, cleaner exhaust and more silent operation are properties that are highly interesting to both bus operators and society. Accordingly, demand is rapidly increasing for transport solutions using vehicles that operate completely or partly on electricity. For Volvo Buses, electromobility is the road to the future.


At Busworld Kortrijk, Volvo will show the articulated version of the hybrid bus, a model which is already in high demand in many European cities. The Volvo 7900 Articulated Hybrid is 18 metres long and seats 154 passengers. Its fuel consumption is approximately 30 percent lower than the equivalent diesel variant. In electric mode, its carbon dioxide and air pollution emissions are equivalent to zero. Even in diesel mode, particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions are much lower as a result of the new 5-litre Euro 6 diesel engine.  


With nearly 1,200 examples of the Volvo 7900 Hybrid sold to 21 countries, Volvo Buses has, in a short space of time, secured the lead in the global market for hybrid buses and is currently the largest supplier in Europe. More than 800 Volvo hybrids are now in traffic around the world. Recently Volvo sold 200 hybrid buses to Bogota, capital of Colombia.


At the show, Volvo will also display the coaches Volvo 9700 and 9900 which have received new design to the front and rear. They also have a lower weight due to the new generation of passenger seats.


Moreover, Volvo will also present its business solutions that help operators increase uptime and fuel efficiency. This offering encompasses service offerings such as battery and maintenance contracts, telematic services and an extensive fleet management portfolio.

At the show, you will find Volvo Buses at stand 502.