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Volvo Buses launch the new Volvo B8R product range in the Philippines

Volvo Buses has now launched its latest chassis powered by the 8-litre Volvo engine in the Philippines. The Volvo B8R replaces the top-selling Volvo B7R, which saw global sales exceeding 40,000 units in 65 countries. Improved horsepower, low fuel consumption, longer oil-change intervals and built in safety features are some of the customer benefits that characterise the new chassis models.

The introduction of the Volvo B8R was part of an exciting launch event held in Manila on the 13th of August 2018. In conjunction with the launch, exclusive Volvo Buses dealer, Autodelta Coachbuilders Inc. (Autodelta), opened the doors to their new modern dealership in the Philippines. Customers, business partners and transport officials were invited to view the new product and facility which features a service area and a unique showroom. Volvo Buses President, Håkan Agnevall, was there to welcome guests to the Volvo brand.

“With the introduction of the Volvo B8R/RLE, we are reinforcing our global offer with a modern and flexible product range that gives our customers even better scope for operations that boost life cycle cost-efficiency,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

Flexible configuration
Just like its predecessor, the Volvo B8R is designed to form the foundation for express coach operations, labour transport, school buses and tourism. A robust structure using tried and tested components in the chassis and driveline create the prerequisites for high reliability and availability.

Fuel-efficient driveline
The new Volvo B8R is powered by the Volvo D8, Volvo’s own 8-litre common rail diesel engine producing 330 hp and up to 1200 Nm of torque. Despite a 40 hp increase in power, the new engine is just as fuel-efficient as the proven Volvo B7R that set new standards for low cost operation. The oil change interval has been extended from 50,000km to 80,000 km for buses in long-distance operations.

High level of safety
The Volvo B8Rwas designed to meet high demands ensuring outstanding driveability, comfort and safety. The new B8R chassis comes standard with a number of safety features including Volvo’s electronically controlled disc brakes, ABS and ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

Volvo plans to introduce assembly of the Volvo B8R chassis kits in Subic at the Autodelta plant from the third quarter of 2019. The chassis kits come from the Volvo Buses factory in Borås, Sweden.

The Volvo B8R chassis is already being sold throughout the Asia- Pacific region and will be available in Euro 5 emission standard. This puts Volvo and our customers ahead of the Euro 4 legislation in the Philippines.

Facts, Volvo B8R

  •  Volvo B8R: Length 10.1–13.1 m. Width 2.4 m. Wheelbase 4.5–7.4 m. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) up to 19 tonnes.
  • Driveline: Volvo D8, in-line six-cylinder diesel engine producing 330 hp/1200 Nm in Euro 5 or Euro 3 configuration. ZF automatic transmission
  • Brakes and stability enhancement systems: Volvo EBS, ABS, Brake Blending, Hill Start Aid, Brake Assist, Volvo Electronic Stability Program (ESP), integrated hydraulic retarder.

13th August 2018

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