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Power and fuel efficiency

As owner or driver of a premium coach you have taken on a commitment to bring your passengers safely and comfortably to their destination. On-road performance and fuel efficiency are two vital dimensions of your operation’s productivity.

Save up to 9% fuel

Volvo’s 13-litre engine is one of the most trusted power sources in the world of heavy-duty vehicles. It is now part of our coach range in its Euro 6 version, with a set of outstanding capabilities: a new level of fuel efficiency, solid power and torque resources and extended service intervals. In addition, it is certified for HVO and Biodiesel in any mix, which further contributes to reduced emissions.

New unique cooling system

The Volvo B13R features a new unique cooling system which contributes to the reduced fuel consumption. There are dual radiators on opposite sides of the engine installation, served by energy efficient electrical fans. This allows us to control and regulate a low and uniform temperature in the engine compartment in all climates. From the cold of the Arctic to the heat of Mexico or Australia.

Fuel efficiency

The outstanding fuel efficiency of the Volvo B13R comes from two sources: a highly efficient basic engine concept in combination with multiple refinements. Meticulously engineered functions, such as Volvo Acceleration Limiter and ISO Flow, keep track of every drop of fuel, helping the driver to apply just the power needed at every instant. Add to that Volvo’s Dynamic Chassis Lowering, I-See and I-Coaching, all giving lasting reductions in fuel consumption.

More power – less fuel

A powerful engine does not necessarily use more fuel. In fact, it can be the other way round. An engine with sufficient power reserves can run at optimally fuel-efficient revs for a larger share of the operating time. Simply getting more power from every drop of fuel. In addition, several fuel-saving Volvo technologies help the driver to maintain the average speed without increased consumption. The savings can be monitored in detail in Volvo Connect.

Look ahead with I-See

A valuable feature which can cut fuel consumption by up to 2.5%. It’s an intelligent cruise control which adapts to the topography and proactively optimises acceleration, gearshifts and braking when driving with cruise control.

Low revs at cruising speed

Fuel efficiency is dependent on keeping the engine at the most economical revs for each situation. The Volvo B13R provides massive power at low engine revs when cruising, and thus stays within the economical range.

New generation I-Shift

The Volvo B13R comes with the new G-version of Volvo’s legendary I-Shift transmission. Faster gear changes, low internal friction and software optimised for tour and charter contribute to the fuel savings.

Sustainability – Euro 6 the Volvo way

Fuel consumption and emissions follow each other linearly, so if we can save fuel, we also reduce emissions.  Furthermore, we can use alternative fuels to reduce the carbon footprint. And regardless of fuel, Volvo’s Euro 6 technology ensures that emissions are kept well below the set limits.

Less fuel – lower emissions

The quickest way to reduce emissions from a vehicle is to use less fuel. The Volvo B13R offers fuel savings of up to 9% in combination with exhaust aftertreatment that reduces local pollutants below Euro 6 requirements.

Certified for alternative fuels

The Volvo D13K engine is HVO & Biodiesel certified to further reduce CO2 impact by up to 85% with HVO and 45% with Biodiesel.

ISO Flow

ISO Flow is an extension of the fuel management system. By restricting the amount of injected fuel at higher revs, fuel is saved when accelerating, yet without losing torque at lower revs.

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