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Electric buses for a sustainable future


Volvo’s offering for electrified public transport includes much more than the electric buses, although they are the visible, and audible, sign of a huge paradigm shift. In addition Volvo provides the knowledge, experience and services needed for a smooth and responsible transition into a new era of public transport.

World-class electric drivelines

Volvo's battery-electric buses feature high-performance electric Volvo drivelines and optimized transmissions, delivering impressive torque and drivability, for safe operation in the most demanding conditions. Optimized battery positioning contributes to excellent handling and a smooth driving experience.

Superior uphill performance

Volvo’s electric drivelines can be configured as single or dual motor units with a power output of no less than 540 hp. This makes our electric buses untiring hill climbers, and allows for swift and smooth operation even on the tightest schedules.

Optimized for any climate

The Volvo electric driveline delivers impressive power for reliable performance, regardless of climate, topography and passenger load. And the two-speed transmission is optimized for city traffic, ensuring better torque throughout the speed range.

Keep your passengers satisfied

Public transport has one single mission; to provide citizens with reliable, punctual, safe and convenient travelling. Volvo’s offer can help you accelerate your development of attractive and accessible bus traffic, moving your city towards your environmental and social goals. Fewer cars, less noise, cleaner air and a long-term quality of life improvement.

Efficient charging of traction batteries

All routes are different. Distance, capacity need, climate and topography set the prerequisites. That's why Volvo offers various methods to provide maximum charging flexibility. They can also be specified with optimized energy storage capacity. This way you can optimise charging times and power needs to suit your schedules and your fleet logistics.

Volvo Turnkey solution

Volvo Turnkey is an all-inclusive solution encompassing vehicles, battery contract, repair and maintenance, bus monitoring and project management. Volvo takes care of all maintenance for both the vehicles and their batteries at a fixed monthly cost. What you get is guaranteed operation at a specified cost per km.

Volvo Turnkey solution

Circularity and sustainability

Environmental care is one of our core values. To us it is more than a grand statement, it is a commitment and an investment. We are convinced that our dedication and our research efforts will prove to be highly beneficial to us, to our customers and to the planet we live on.

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Battery second life

The energy storage system of a Volvo bus has a long service life. Beyond that, the batteries can be used in other applications such as energy banks in apartment complexes, and finally the materials can be efficiently recycled.

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