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731 Volvo - LFS buses for Quebec

Volvo Buses Canadian subsidiary, Nova Bus of Quebec, has secured one of the biggest single orders ever in the company’s history.
ATUQ, a purchasing group consisting of nine of the province’s transit authorities, has placed an order for 731 LFS (Low floor system) buses for delivery between 2008 and 2012 which is worth approximately 300 MCAD.

The order is for conventional 40-foot city buses and hybrid vehicles.

“The new hybrid model that Nova Bus will launch shortly was a key factor in securing the order,” comments Nova Bus President and CEO Mr Gilles Dion.

The contract is evidence of the customer’s confidence in Nova Bus, and the efforts it has made to improve the reliability of its products and lower their life-cycle cost. It is also a testimony to the manner in which the company takes care of its key customers, a factor that has resulted in a long-term partnership between ATUQ and Nova Bus.

“We are happy with this decision and we are particularly proud that we are able to further develop our relationship with this customer, about 99% of their fleet already consists of Nova Bus vehicles”, notes Mr Gilles Dion. “The fact that Nova Bus has helped ATUQ to achieve a significant reduction in maintenance costs was another crucial factor,” he adds.

In recent years, Nova Bus has become a successful member of the Volvo Buses family, offering high customer satisfaction, high quality products, a new product range and a good performance.

“To Nova Bus and the Volvo Group, it is gratifying to see such a satisfied customer, not to mention the positive impact this will have on Nova Bus’s credibility and image in North America”, concludes Mr Gilles Dion.

17 July 2006

For further information, please contact Mr Gilles Dion, President and CEO of Nova Bus, +1-(450) 472-6410  extension: 6064  or

Christina Fjellman, Senior Vice President, Communication, +46 31 322 42 80