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Nova Bus secures order for 141 hybrid buses to Vancouver

Nova Bus, a subsidiary of Volvo Bus Corporation, has received an order for 141 hybrid buses to TransLink in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The contract includes an option for an additional 110 buses.
Nova Bus secures order for 141 hybrid buses to Vancouver
Nova Bus is one of the largest manufacturer of city buses in Canada. The Nova LFS bus model is available in a number of variants, including the Nova LFS HEV hybrid version.

This North American hybrid is an electric/diesel combination features a planetary gearbox linking an electric drive with a smaller diesel engine than normally used in the bus model. The vehicle delivers its best performances on low speed stop-and-go routes, significantly reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

This agreement represents a new chapter in the growing partnership between TransLink, the Greater Vancouver Area transit authority, and Nova Bus, after the delivery of 126 diesel-powered Nova LFS buses in 2007.

The buses were well-received by drivers, maintenance personnel and passengers alike. This new order is a testament to the entire Nova Bus team’s continuous commitment to quality, environmental concerns, life-cycle cost and customer satisfaction.

"This purchase is really two shades of green," says TransLink CEO Pat Jacobsen.  "Thirty-two of the buses will add capacity to our system and give people a cleaner, greener alternative to driving.  The remaining 109 will replace some of the oldest vehicles in TransLink's fleet and reduce all emissions, some by as much as 97 per cent per bus," she says.

Nova Bus has two plants in Canada at which the buses will be manufactured. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in mid-2009.

January 28, 2008

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