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Volvo Buses Environmental Director starts blog

“We would achieve the greatest environmental effect if politicians did not decide which technology the bus manufacturers use, but rather what environmental targets the technology should achieve.” This is what Edward Jobson, Volvo Buses Environmental Director writes on his new Internet blog.

Today, environmental issues top the agenda in most areas in society. This is particularly true of the automotive industry, which must intensify efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Buses play an important role in efforts to reduce emissions from vehicle traffic. With an expanded and efficiently operating bus traffic, more people opt to leave their car and take the bus instead.

“Buses are already one of the most energy-efficient means of transport,” says Edward Jobson. “But we are working harder than ever to develop even cleaner and more fuel-efficient diesel engines, engines for carbon-dioxide-neutral fuels and alternative drivelines.”

Because interest in the environmental field is so large today, he has started an environmental blog on Volvo Buses’ Internet website.

“I want to paint a picture of how we at Volvo Buses think and work in the area of the environment. I will also reflect on how important political proposals and decisions affect us in the automotive industry and offer my assessment of the environmental effects of these decisions.”

“Political decisions are almost always a compromise and my premise is that the compromises must be in the best interest of the environment and nothing else.”

Edward Jobson’s blog can be read on

January 30, 2008

For further information, please contact Edward Jobson, +46 31 322 09 81 or Per-Martin Johansson, press officer, +46 31 322 52 00,