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Strong order bookings for Volvo Buses in Nordic region

Volvo Buses has recently secured several significant orders in the Nordic countries. These involve a total of about 260 buses to be delivered in 2010.
The largest single order relates to operations in Akershus Vest, outside Oslo, in Norway. Bus operator Norgesbuss has ordered 70 Volvo 8700 intercity buses. The buses are being manufactured at the company’s plant in Poland.

The Nettbuss company has also placed an order in Norway for nearly 70 buses. The order includes 40 buses for the Telemark region, of which 22 are Volvo 7700 low-floor buses and the remainder of the Volvo 8700 model. Some 21 Volvo 8700 buses will be delivered to Akershus Vest.
Volvo’s home city of Gothenburg will also gain a significant addition of Volvo buses in 2010. Operator Busslink has placed an order for 53 intercity Volvo 8500 buses, which will be produced at the plant in Säffle.

Operator Veolia is also buying Volvo buses for operations in Gothenburg. These are 18 Volvo 7500 articulated buses and 15 Volvo 8500 intercity buses.

Operator Orusttrafiken has ordered eleven school buses for Halland and also some 20 buses for Jönköping, while bus operator Nobina has made supplementary investments in some 30 buses for Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Most of these are intercity buses, but the order also includes six Volvo 9700 coaches.

“I am pleased with the strong order bookings we have had recently,” says Uri Peleg, head of Volvo Buses in the Nordic region. “I regard this as confirmation of our success in building a long-term partnership with our customers in which we jointly find the best solutions.”


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