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Order for 100 Volvo buses in Hong Kong

Volvo Buses has received an order for 100 buses from Kowloon Motor Bus Company Ltd (KMB) in Hong Kong. The order involves 60 double-decker and 40 single-decker 12-meter buses.

KMB is the world’s largest operator of heavy duty triple-axle double-decker air-conditioned city buses, with more than 95% of their fleet of approximately 4000 buses featuring air-conditioning. Due to changing operational routing requirements, KMB has commenced remapping their fleet and the B7RLE single-decker buses have been selected for lower capacity routes.

The company selected the Volvo B7RLE in which the 7-liter engine meets the Euro V emissions standard, the same norm that will apply in Europe as of this autumn. The bodies will be produced by the MCV company. The buses are air-conditioned and provide space for 35 seated and 43 standing passengers. They are equipped with a ramp at the front door to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs.

With a long history in the Hong Kong market, the latest Volvo B9TL MK II Euro V double-decker chassis is designed to meet the specific operational requirements of KMB and other major operators in East and South East Asia.

The bodies for the double-deckers will be provided by Wrightbus. The bodies fulfill KMB’s latest requirements, including an upper deck seating for 53 passengers. The lower level provides accommodation for 27 seated and 41 standing passengers.

Space is also provided for one wheelchair, with the access ramp provided via the front door. The most recent design updates demonstrate a high attention to detail with extensive effort made to integrate features such as the Multi-Media On-Board system.

Delivery of the 40 single-decker buses is scheduled for late 2009 and into 2010, with the 60 double-decker buses being delivered during 2010. 

May 29, 2009

For further information, please contact Per-Martin Johansson, press officer, +46 31 322 52 00,