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The first B11R heads to Port Stephens

Long-term Volvo customer, Port Stephens Coaches, will be the first to receive the new B11R as it hits the Australian market this July. Volvo will be showcasing the new chassis model in Melbourne at the Maintenance Conference and Bus Expo during the 2nd and 3rd of July 2012.

In addition to the chassis display at the exhibition stand, Volvo Bus has organised workshop talks and three demo rides of the new B11R coach during both exhibition days, Monday (10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm) and Tuesday (10:30am, 1:00pm and 4:10pm).

Port Stephens Coaches will welcome the new B11R as its 43rd Volvo Bus in its existing 65-vehicle fleet. Founded in 1957, the third generation bus operator offers a wide range of services including long distance coaches, school runs, charter and more specialised tours, such as, ski packages.

Port Stephens Coaches has been a Volvo customer since 1979 largely as a result of Volvo’s focus on its customer relationships and quality.


Chris Fogg, Operations Manager at Port Stephens Coaches, believes that being customer focused is the key to success. “The biggest opportunity for our business is to deliver to the customer exactly what they need. Too many businesses have forgotten who their customer is and, in the end of the day, where their income actually comes from”, says Fogg.


“Valuing its customer relationships is what sets Volvo apart from other suppliers. We are well supported by Volvo and if it wasn’t for that, we would not have the partnership that we have today” says Fogg.


Port Stephens Coaches bought their first Volvo B12R in 1992. After 2 million km and reliable service, the company has had its eye on Volvo’s new model, the B11R, which makes an ideal addition to its current bus operations.


“It appears to be a great weight chassis. The success of the 11 litre engine in the truck range matched with the I-shift transmission, will allow for great drivability, low operator cost and low tare weight. The lighter weight would enable maximum payload and great overall operator benefits”, says Fogg.

Port Stephens will be expecting its new B11R in time for the snow trips this winter.