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Volvo Buses deliver 310 coaches to JCA Group

Volvo Buses has sold 310 coach chassis to the JCA Group, one of Brazil's largest passenger transport companies. This is the biggest deal closed to date in Brazil by Volvo in the coach chassis segment.

“This is the largest deal in the coach bus area and is also one more step in the dedicated partnership we have with the JCA Group. This sale puts more responsibility on us in consolidating it”, affirms Luis Carlos Pimenta, President of Volvo Bus Latin America. 


The buses, which will be delivered in May, are all the B340R model, version 4x2, with 340 hp. The vehicles will be used in interstate and intrastate medium and short distance routes, as well as in charter operations. The coach bodies will be built by Marcopolo.

The buses will be distributed among three companies of the JCA Group: 180 vehicles are for Auto Viação 1001, 100 units for Opção Turismo and 30 for Catarinense.


“This model is ideal for the type of transportation being performed by the companies in the JCA Group. We already have chassis in the fleet being evaluated and developed for excellent performance. This vehicle stands out for fuel economy and, in particular, for safety”, explains José Luis Gonçalves, manager of Volvo Bus Latin America coach line.


The B340R is factory equipped with the intelligent ABS/EBS brake system, which increases braking performance and prevents the vehicle from skidding, and with the Volvo 390 hp engine brake, which ensures increased safety on downhill stretches. Another differential of this vehicle is the renowned I-Shift gearbox, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 5 percent, as well as driving vehicle safety.


“In addition to having the market’s best operating cost, the B340R features the leading edge in onboard vehicle technology for safety, comfort and operational efficiency. These are all essential values of the JCA Group practiced in their daily activities and that are confirmed in the Volvo fleet, acquired with all the optional items and technology available on the market for the purpose of ensuring these points”, stresses Gonçalves. 


In order to ensure even more safety for transports, the JCA Group’s vehicles are also equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Program), a modern active safety system that contributes to preventing the risk of tipping over or skidding on curves.




Volvo Bus features the market’s most complete coach bus chassis portfolio, with a range of models that addresses different needs in passenger transportation over short, medium and long distance passenger transportation. In the heavy segment, the coach bus line is comprised of the chassis: B340R, B380R, B420R and B450R, in versions varying between 4X2, 6X2 and 8X2. In the semi-heavy segment, the brand offers the B290R and the B270F, with front engine.