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Volvo Buses to introduce hybrid articulated bus

Volvo Buses will now strengthen its model program with a new articulated bus with hybrid technology. The Volvo 7900 Articulated Hybrid bus will have capacity for 154 passengers and up to 30% lower fuel consumption than the current diesel model.

“Many European cities have requested buses that combine high capacity with low fuel consumption and low environmental impact. With the Volvo 7900 Articulated Hybrid bus, we will meet customers’ requirements with a solution that will also fulfill the high demand on operational safety and reliability,” says Johnny Lidman, Product Manager Europe at Volvo Buses.


The new articulated bus has the capacity for up to 154 passengers, which is four more than the previous diesel model and more than any other hybrid bus in the market. Compared with the dual-axle Volvo 7900 Hybrid bus, fuel consumption will decrease by 15% per passenger in a fully occupied bus.

The Volvo 7900 Articulated Hybrid bus is equipped with Volvo’s new five-liter 240 hp diesel engine. It is approved for Euro 6 norms and will generate extremely low emissions. The emissions of nitrogen oxide will decrease by 87% and particle emissions will reduce by 50% compared with Euro 5. The bus also has a newly developed, efficient system for heating and ventilation. Thanks to the location of the battery package near the central axle, the weight of the 18-meter bus will be evenly distributed, making it possible to increase the number of passengers.


Reduced fuel consumption by up to 30%

As with Volvo Buses’ other hybrid buses, the Volvo 7900 Articulated Hybrid bus is a parallel hybrid, where an electric motor and diesel engine can be used jointly or independently. At bus stops, the bus will operate silently and completely emission free on electricity. The energy generated during braking is stored in the battery and then used to generate electricity for the electric motor. The technology will reduce fuel consumption and climate-impacting emissions by up to 30% compared with current diesel model. Since 2010, Volvo Buses has sold more than 1,000 hybrid buses in 21 countries with the same hybrid drivelines.


All single-deckers low floor hybrids from 2014
From 2014, all single-decker buses with low floors in Volvo Buses’ model program for Europe will be hybrid buses. The hybrid program includes both low-floor buses Volvo 7900 Hybrid (4x2) and the Volvo 7900 Articulated Hybrid bus, as well as the Volvo B5LH Double-decker.



 Facts about the Volvo 7900 Articulated Hybrid bus

Triple-axle articulated bus with low floor

Length: 18 m

Number of passengers: up to 154

Diesel engine: Volvo D5 for Euro 6 norms (240 hp and 900 Nm)

Electric motor: (150 kW max) Volvo I-SAM parallel hybrid system