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Strengthened leadership within BRT: Volvo sells 190 buses to San Salvador

Volvo Bus Latin America has sold 190 buses to the Metropolitan Integrated Transport System of San Salvador (SITRAMSS), capital of El Salvador. The order comprises of 60 articulated buses and 130 standard buses. The vehicles will operate in the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system, which is being built in the city. Nearly all vehicles will be equipped with the Volvo Bus Fleet Management service, which helps operators’ increase fuel efficiency.

“Once again we’re participating in the process of developing a BRT system in Latin America. This is something we are proud of, as it adds to the effectiveness of our vehicles in addressing a transport model that offers a higher quality of life to people who live in the city”, affirms Luis Carlos Pimenta, President of Volvo Bus Latin America.

The buses were purchased by the consortium formed by the companies of Sipago and Subes. The first 40 vehicles will be delivered in December this year, the remaining buses in the spring of 2014.  The 60 articulated buses are Volvo B340M, 21 meters in length and with a capacity for 180 passengers. The 130 standard buses are Volvo B290R which carry 90 passengers. Marcopolo of Brazil will provide the bus bodies.

Nearly all vehicles will be equipped with the Volvo Bus Fleet Management service, which allows for carrier operators to track their buses in real time. The system provides information about fuel consumption, emission of pollutants, hours in operation and average speed for each vehicle in the fleet, as well as by driver. By following the position of each bus in real time, it’s possible to identify delays, problems or deviations in routes, and generate a geographic position history.

“This system will drive productivity efficiency for the operator. The information enables definition of targets, identification of failures and adoption of measures to increase safety and to reduce operational costs of fuel consumption and maintenance”, comments Euclides Castro, Urban Bus Manager, Volvo Bus Latin America.

Moreover, the order includes Volvo offering technical advisory services and an assessment of the city’s traffic characteristics to the administration agency of the San Salvador transport system.

“The objective of this work is to match the deployment of the vehicles to the local characteristics, in order to achieve gains in efficiency and increased average speed for the buses”, says Idam Stival, Sales engineer, Volvo Bus Latin America.



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