Volvo Buses


Eye-catching hybrid buses to Luxemburg

Volvo Buses has delivered five Volvo 7900 Hybrid buses to the City of Luxemburg (AVL). The vehicles are painted in the city's new eye-catching colour scheme. These are the first 7900 Hybrids delivered in the Benelux region.

This is the third delivery to AVL, of which the two latest have included 10 Volvo hybrid buses. With this delivery, the total number of Volvo Hybrids in Luxemburg is now 25: 13 at Sales-Lentz, 2 at Weber and 10 at AVL.

The buses delivered are 3-door Volvo 7900 hybrids - the first ones in the Benelux region - equipped with air-condition and standard double-glazed windows. 


The new Volvo 7900 Hybrid buses are the latest generation of hybrid models from Volvo. Compared with a corresponding diesel bus, the Volvo 7900 Hybrid delivers 39 percent lower fuel consumption and climate impact. Emissions of particles and nitrogen oxides are halved, and the noise level is far lower. The Volvo 7900 Hybrid is about 500 kg lighter than the previous model, making it possible to carry additional passengers.


Volvo has so far sold almost 1000 hybrid buses globally and reports show that they meet customer expectations for good fuel efficiency, low environmental impact and high reliability.


Volvo’s hybrid bus runs entirely on electricity, quietly and emission-free, from standstill to a speed of 15-20 km/h. At higher speeds the bus receives additional power from a small 4-cylinder diesel engine running on biodiesel. The energy generated during engine braking is stored in the on-board batteries and is used to power the bus’s electric motor and auxiliary systems.