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Volvo sells 28 articulated buses for Guatemala City’s BRT system

Volvo Bus Latin America has sold 28 articulated buses for Transmetro, the BRT system in Guatemala City, capital of Guatemala.

The new articulated buses are bought by Transmetro and part of a fleet renewal project for the southern axis of the city’s BRT system (Bus Rapid Transit).  


“This sale is further reinforcement of Volvo’s leadership on the BRT market. Our buses are recognized for their high level of on-board technology, quality and efficiency in fuel consumption, characteristics that ensure safety for passengers and profitability for fleet operators”, affirms Euclides Castro, manager of the urban bus line at Volvo Bus Latin America.


Transmetro, a Volvo customer since 1997, is renewing its fleet with modern vehicles, equipped with Euro5 technology, which delivers a three-fold reduction in particulate matter emissions and seven-fold NOx (Nitrous Oxide) emissions as compared to the current fleet.


The buses are of the B340M model with 20 meters in length and capacity for 180 passengers. The new Euro5 vehicles are up to 6 percent more economical than the previous ones and feature the state of the art in Volvo chassis technology, such as disk brakes with ABS/EBS systems, electronic traction and suspension control, retarder and automated gearbox. The new vehicles will be delivered in July of this year.


“These technologies make the operation even safer and reduce the cost per passenger per kilometer covered”, emphasizes Castro.


Volvo Buses is the BRT market leader in Latin America. Its vehicles are recognized for their high levels of safety and uptime, plus low operating costs with efficiency in fuel consumption.


BRT systems offer cities a number of benefits such as faster and safer trips for passengers, improved vehicle flow by freeing up space on the street grid driven by the reduction in number of buses in circulation as well as fare integration.