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20 more Volvo Hybrids to Lothian Buses, UK

Lothian Buses has ordered 20 Volvo hybrid single deck 7900 buses. The order is a result of the successful introduction of ten similar vehicles earlier this year.

Set for delivery during 2014, the 20 new Volvo 7900 Hybrids will be the first Euro 6 single deck Volvo buses to enter operation.

The order is testament to the impressive results Lothian Buses have achieved in terms of fuel consumption and in-service operation. 

“We successfully launched the 7900 Hybrid single deck bus last year and Lothian Buses were one of the first operators to secure an order. They have achieved significant in-service fuel savings and have been very pleased with the overall performance of the buses,” explained Phil Owen, Volvo Bus Sales Director.

“As a result we were in a position to confirm an order for an additional 20 new Euro 6 standard 7900 Hybrids. This is a particularly strong endorsement of our single deck hybrid bus offering and also obviously an exciting continuation of a strong existing relationship.”

The 7900H is a complete Volvo vehicle built on a hybrid driveline. The 12.1 metre single deck bus offers reliability and high performance, whilst the body frame is specifically designed to save weight and therefore reduce fuel consumption. 

Specified with a Volvo D5K 5.1 litre 4 cylinder engine, rated at 240 hp and supported by a Volvo Electric Motor, rated at 120 kW, with a Volvo I-Shift gearbox, the 7900H combines a number of proven Volvo systems together.

The travelling experience is further enhanced with silent boarding and take-off thanks to the hybrid engine’s ‘stop start’ feature, where the vehicle pulls away from the bus stop in pure electric mode. The 7900H also includes electronically controlled air suspension and smooth pneumatically controlled EBS 5 braking.