Volvo Buses


Volvo Buses centre stage at the Australia Bus and Coach Show 2013

The Volvo B5RLE Hybrid city bus stole the show at the Australia Bus and Coach Show 2013 during 25-26.9 at the Sydney Showgrounds. Volvo Bus also held technical workshops for delegates about Volvo hybrid technology and its global success.
While Volvo launched its first hybrid in Asia-Pacific in January this year, the company has enjoyed increasing global success with over 1,000 hybrid buses sold worldwide since its commercial production of hybrid buses began in 2010.

“Volvo hybrid technology has proven to save significant levels of fuel consumption, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by similar amounts,” said Sean Copeland, General Manager of Volvo Bus Australia.

“Hybrid technology is an important option on the road for reducing vehicle emissions. As the technology continues to develop, we expect demand to keep growing worldwide."

The Australian Bus and Coach Show was the largest bus industry event ever seen in Australia, with more than 3,000 people attending.

BusNSW Executive Director Darryl Mellish said the show was a great success, with the venue and organisation facilitating a comprehensive display of the latest products and services in the industry.

“Interactive displays and product launches provided high interest and enjoyment for operators, suppliers, government representatives, and bus enthusiasts,” he said.

“The two day event allowed bus and coach operators to see what new and existing products and services are in the market.”

Industry representatives acknowledged the benefit of having all booths and bus displays integrated in one large indoor arena, which contributed to a positive vibe.

“These exhibitions are about stimulating growth and providing business confidence and many suppliers noted an uplift in interest,” Darryl said.

“Many suppliers are confirming a number of sales throughout the show and strong leads generated.”

Transport for NSW had an interactive display where representatives were on hand to answer operator enquiries regarding contracts, accreditation, smartphone bus apps and Opal ticketing.

“It was pleasing that Transport for NSW supported the event, providing their assistance and capitalising on this opportunity to interact with operators and suppliers to improve partnership with industry,” he said.