Volvo Buses


Genuine parts for genuine performance

Oils, filters and other parts can have a bigger impact on bus performance than operators may realise, says David Woodward, Regional Service Manager from Volvo Australia, who recommends choosing genuine products for optimum performance.

“Non-genuine options may be cheaper in the short term, but in the long run they are usually not the best choice,” David says. “Put simply, choosing a genuine part is the best way to ensure you get the ultimate performance from your bus. If you’re prepared to invest in a high quality vehicle, it makes sense to choose the best parts and products as well.”

Even relatively inexpensive items like oil filters play a big role in bus performance, and making the right choice can impact an operator’s bottom line.

“Filters may appeal as an easy way to make savings, but they are actually vitally important. By clearing impurities from engine fluids, they safeguard vehicle operation and protect against damage which can be very expensive to repair and can lead to considerable downtime.

“With increasing demands for higher availability, less downtime and longer service intervals, the humble filter plays a crucial role, so it’s worth choosing the right one for the job.”

Volvo conducted comparisons which showed the small saving that might be made on a non-genuine oil filter is seriously outweighed by the potential to jeopardise vehicle profitability and service life.

“When we assessed Volvo genuine oils against non-genuine alternatives, the results were quite alarming,” David said.

In comparative testing, only two of six non-genuine filters could match Volvo’s bare-minimum filter media area of 0.6m2. Sealing tests found using genuine oil kept seals soft and elastic for continued sealing capacity, even after 72 hours at minus-30 degrees Celsius. Under the same conditions, five of the six non-genuine oils allowed the seal to harden, increasing the risk of leakage.

“Our genuine filter was also the only one with four support points to give the filter stability both sideways and vertically, and only half the tested filters had bonded filter joints, compared to Volvo’s bonded and reinforced metal rail.

“Of course, ultimately what you want from a filter is good filtration. While the genuine filter maintained its high capacity for the full service interval, four of the six non-genuine brands did not.”

David says the principles of choosing the right oil filter apply to other parts and consumables choices.

“Customers choose premium bus brands because they want the highest level of performance, but to maintain that level, it’s important to use purpose-built parts that are designed to meet the needs of the vehicle and matched to the conditions you’re using it in.”

“Genuine parts are engineered specifically for their unique function in the chassis, certified to the highest standards and extensively tested in operating conditions. Buying genuine parts from your dealer also means you can be assured you are purchasing the latest options that use the most up to date technology.”