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Uddevalla Omnibus chooses Volvo’s hybrid buses

Uddevalla Omnibus, on the west coast of Sweden, has purchased five hybrid buses and five ambulance buses from Volvo Buses. All of them will operate on bio-diesel. The vehicles are scheduled to be put in operation in June 2014.

“With the hybrid buses, we will meet the environmental requirements of the future. Our plan is to successively replace all our current city buses with hybrids,” says Lars-Göran Salevik, President of Uddevalla Omnibus.

The Volvo 7900 Hybrid has nearly 40% lower fuel consumption and about 50% less exhaust emission, compared with a corresponding diesel bus. Uddevalla Omnibus will be using renewable RME (Rapeseed Methyl Ester) as fuel.

“We previously tested one of Volvo’s hybrid buses in Uddevalla, with very positive results. We will now specially train our drivers in groups to handle the new buses.”

The hybrid buses will be placed in operation mid-June. At the same time, Uddevalla Omnibus will commence operating an ambulance service between Åmål and Gothenburg, using five new Volvo 9700 coaches.

“The ambulance buses offer a high level of comfort and are equipped with such features as disabled toilets,” states Lars-Göran Salevik.

“The hybrids will require specific expertise, for example, in electro-technology and batteries, which we do not possess. The ambulance buses will be based in Åmål and since Volvo has a workshop there, it is practical that service be conducted by its mechanics on location.

 Facts: Volvo 7900 Hybrid Euro 6

  • Up to 39% lower fuel consumption than corresponding diesel models.
  • 40-50% lower exhaust emissions.
  • Quiet and exhaust-free operation at bus stops.
  • Operates on electricity/diesel or bio-diesel.
  • Equipped with an electric motor, batteries and a small diesel engine.
  • The batteries are charged using the energy generated when the engine brakes are applied.
  • The electric motor is used primarily to accelerate from standing still up to 15-20 km/h.
  • More than 1,300 units of Volvo’s hybrid buses have been sold to date to customers in 21 countries.


Image caption: More than 50 of Volvo's hybrids are already in traffic in Gothenburg. Now Uddevalla is the second city on Sweden's west coast to choose Volvo hybrids.